Kick Ass in College: A Guerrilla Guide to College Success
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Kick Ass in College: A Guerrilla Guide to College Success

Gunnar Fox
#1 Amazon Bestseller ● #1 Rated College Success Book in America (Voice of Youth Advocates Review)

"I read Kick Ass in College cover to cover in only 3 days. After the first hour, I felt a great sense of motivation to pursue my studies and enjoy college... The chapters unfold with urgency, frankness, and humor. Gunnar really speaks the truth..." ~U. Phan / 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Head and shoulders above the rest... I searched for words of wisdom that would ease my daughter's transition into college life. I ended up buying her 3 books. But it was Kick Ass in College that she found to have the best information and helpful hints to survive... We liked this book so much it has become my standard high school graduation gift!" ~Gayle Keller / 5.0 out of 5 stars 

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"The most succinct, practical, engaging and immediately useful success-in-college book available." ~Voice of Youth Advocates Library Review

"I absolutely love Kick Ass in College. I have read the book twice before, and now for the third time. I re-read it before each semester, and I have been kicking ass ever since. I had to leave school with a 1.5 G.P.A. but when I came back my grades jumped to a 3.4. I graduated with a 3.8! The book is wonderful and I recommend it to every college student I know!" ~K. Williams, Bowie State University | 5.0 out of 5 stars

"...will save students a lot of heartache... invaluable coaching for college." ~Professor John Barberet, University of Central Florida

"I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! I'm returning to college in the spring (UCLA). I was feeling very intimidated... I appreciate the things you've demystified and clarified for me and the organized, concise and fun way you delivered this information!" ~Raquel Brejtfus, Barnes & Noble customer

"Must-read material for students seeking to use their degree as a springboard to an exciting career." ~Barbara Eureste, Director of the Career Placement Center, University of Texas at Austin

YES, Kick Ass in College is laugh-out-loud funny. But Gunnar Fox is out for more than his readers' laughter: he wants their full attention and commitment to his study techniques and life strategies. In addition to providing a blueprint for classroom success and preparing students for the highly competitive job market that awaits them, this instant college classic tackles relationships, substance abuse and many other real-world issues.

Book Chapters:

1 - College: Get Over It

2 - Why People Are Willing to Spend Thousands To Earn A College Degree

3 - Gunnar's Philosophy of Intellectual Horsepower

4 - Choosing To Succeed By Planning To Succeed

5 - Making Them Eat Your Academic Dust

6 - Averting Disaster: There's More Than One Way To Flunk A Cat

7 - Curing Test Anxiety and Laughing In The Face Of Death

8 - As the Phrase Turns: Writing Your Way To The Top

9 - Time Management: Not As Boring A Topic As You Might Imagine

10 - Congratulations: You've Got a Kick-Ass Memory

11 - Talent on Demand: Your Personal Success Team

12 - Making A Name For Yourself: If You Don't Toot Your Own Horn Ain't Nobody Gonna Toot It For You

13 - Sucking Up: A Lost Art

14 - Snagging A Good Gig: It's All About Persistence

15 - Accepting Adulthood: You Can Run But You Can't Hide


16 - Stairway to Tomorrowland: More Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Future-Minded Students

17 - Sealing the Deal: Winning Admissions Essays for College or Grad School

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